rustle of the morning stars
by alexander sporre

may 6th, 2018

midori gallery
aoyama, tokyo

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It's in these moments when the mind gives some slack on its control and through it the intuitive feelings of the heart erupt into consciousness. Intuition is felt as a vague presage, also called the inner voice. In moments when the mind is distracted it is easy to intuit the feelings and knowledge of the heart, to hear the rustle of the morning stars; the voice without words, meditation without thought, and sound without volume. In these moments you begin to get a sense of something but it still has an elusive quality to it. Do not think; feel intuitively.

- Vadim Zeland


Using photography we might not be able to define our sense of reality and time. But an photographic image can offer a getaway into parallel worlds which affords us an escape from the mundanity of every day life. At those times, viewers can be mentally triggered and question his or her everyday construct of reality. In these moments of heightened awareness, windows to the subconscious mind open up. Then, not only are we able to access our inner voice but also construct our own reality.


Alexander Sporre (Tokyo, April 2018)


In my photography I operate on the border of fiction and non-fiction as that is where I consider myself to be. A place where emotions and fragments of life collide into something almost tangible – but otherworldly. I consider my photos merely a byproduct of my search for reality. I find it often hard to connect words or themes to my photography in general, as it’s in the photos where words are made redundant.