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Hi! My name is Alexander Sporre and i’m currently based in Amsterdam. Recently I fled my office job to look at the world with new eyes. New views actually, as I’ve been working passionately as a photographer since then. My style is often raw, cinematic and with a healthy dash of melancholia. I find beauty in the mundane, whether that’s on the streets or up close in portraits. Especially in between ‘perfect’ moments, I find that pure beauty that is often erroneously passed over. With every press on that button, i’m able to pause the world for just one moment, to communicate my perception of beauty with you. I use photography as a way to express myself and to create my own reality. And I’m very willing to share all of that with you. 

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Exposition New Dutch Talent 2017 in 5&33 Gallery in the Art'otel Amsterdam

Selected for New Dutch Talent 2017 by GUP Magazine. Book can be purchased here.

International Art Fair at the Laurenskerk Amsterdam

Street Photography exposition at Hutspot Amsterdam

P.S. For more information regarding this matter, please refer to my dedicated wedding photography website.